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Season Review: Lars Anderson

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The long Lars Anderson saga has come to an end. And not an impressive one.

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We here at Over The Monster are setting no size limits, big or small, on our season reviews. So it is that we come now to Lars Anderson.

Four years ago the hope would have been that this review would be front and center. That we'd be talking about another big season from our young star at first base. Today, we know that this story went the other route, and is instead one of failed promise and, after six long years, the end of the farm system's most disappointing saga in recent memory.

It hasn't been since Anderson's disastrous Portland debut in 2009 that the Boston fanbase had much invested in the Anderson bandwagon, but since then the one-time top prospect provided some hope with strong starts in 2010 and 2011. Both seasons eventually settled back to a level of mediocrity, however, and 2012 proved no better.

Still, with the Sox as injured as ever, Anderson ended up getting a few appearances with the big team, picking up all of one hit in eight at bats.

That would be the last inauspicious chapter in Lars Anderson's Boston career. Wanting to free up the 40-man spot, the Sox flipped Anderson to the Cleveland Indians for Steven Wright--of all things a 28-year-old Double-A knuckleballer.

In the end, Lars provided little to Red Sox fans. Some hope, some despair, plenty of frustration, but perhaps above all a lesson against the dangers of relying on prospects, especially those who haven't even proven themselves with a full season of Double-A ball.

Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley aside, of course. They're clearly can't-miss. But we've definitely learned our lesson. Totally.