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Daily Red Sox Links: Felix Doubront, Will Middlebrooks, Bobby Valentine

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A collection of the best Red Sox and baseball stories from around the internet. Today's links include stories on the team's last 90-loss season, Felix Doubront's emergence this year, and the team's imminent managerial search.

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  • This miserable season is finally almost over. In a few short days, Red Sox fans will no longer be subject to watching this hugely disappointing team. Yesterday, with Zach Stewart on the mound, the Red Sox lost (shocking, I know) to the Orioles, giving them their 90 loss of the season. This was the first time they have lost that many games since 1966, and we all know what happened the year after that. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)
  • While the Red Sox have been awful this year, especially their starting pitching, they did get a nice, if somewhat unexpected, performance from Felix Doubront. In his first season as a mainstay in the rotation, he had his ups and downs, but he did show flashes of very encouraging pitching. (Alex Speier;
  • There has been a ton of negativity in the air around this team all season, and for good reason. However, it hasn't been all bad, and there have been positive aspects of the 2012 season. Brandon Stewart points out a couple of those positives. (Brandon Stewart; Fire Brand of the AL)'
  • Last week, Cleveland fired their manager Manny Acta, and rumors started swirling that Terry Francona could be his replacement. Over at Baseball Prospectus, Ben Lindbergh takes a look at whether Acta deserved to get the boot. (Ben Lindbergh; Baseball Prospectus)
  • With the end of the season almost upon us, it seems we will only be forced to put up with Bobby Valentine for a little bit longer. After the season, they front office will likely be searching for his replacement. As Nick Cafardo points out, though, there aren't any big names available. (Nick Cafardo;
  • Like the Red Sox, the Rays are most likely not going to be participating in postseason play this year. Glenn DuPaul takes a look at why and how their otherwise phenomenal front office has struggled in the free agent market. (Glenn DuPaul; Beyond the Boxscore)
  • The Red Sox's search for a new manager is one of the biggest points of discussion currently surrounding this team, and figures to be until they find a new one. John Tomase doesn't think experience needs to be a big focal point in the search. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)
  • Over the weekend, Cincinnati pitcher Homer Bailey through a no-hitter against the Pirates. Jack Moore delves into why this is one of those times where the catcher deserves a fair amount of the praise as well. (Jack Moore; Fangraphs)