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Sunday Discussion: Best/Worst Games

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The season's mostly done, it's time to discuss the best and worst of the year.

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With 158 games in the books and the final curtain in sight, it's time to start looking back on what's occurred this season. Over the next few weeks, the Sunday discussions will focus on the best (and mostly, probably) the worst of 2012. This week, we'll start easy with the best game of the season and the worst game.

We'll start with the worst. Admittedly there are far too many contenders for the title. Two stood out when I stopped to think about it, though. On April 21, Boston had the Yankees in town for an afternoon game. I was working, and unable to catch it on TV, so I followed the action intermittently on my phone. Five innings in, Boston was up 9-0. Recall, too, that this was early in the year, when the fate of the team was uncertain and an early beatdown of the Yankees would have done wonders for everyone's spirits. When I next checked the score, it was 15-9 New York. In three innings, the bullpen not only gave up the lead, they threw in an extra six runs for good measure. Just a terrifying and swift reversal. The next, of course, came in May against Baltimore. Really, what needs to be said of it beyond "17 innings, winning pitcher Chris Davis?"

Best is a bit trickier. In a season of lows, the highs have been few and far between, but there were some standout wins. The early September walkoff against New York, when Pedro Ciriaco was confirmed as the peskiest of Yankee-slayers. Last Sunday's win against Baltimore the afternoon before the Pesky memorial was about as exciting a game as I've seen at the park all year. Maybe it was the July 19 win over Chicago, when Cody Ross smashed the game-winning homer and gave us all a brief taste of post-All-Star hope.

Here's where you all get to take it. What was the best game of the year, to you? The worst? Were the walkoffs better than the more complete victories, or the blown saves worse than the beatdowns? Chat it up.