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Red Sox Sign John Maine, Max St. Pierre To Minor League Deals

Another day, another depth move that will likely play no part in the actual season! Exciting! Today's additions: John Maine (per Steve DeShavo of the Fredericksburg Freelance-Star) and Max St. Pierre (per Matt Eddy of Baseball America)

Maine, who last pitched in the majors in 2010, spent last year getting knocked around Triple-A Colorado Springs to the tune of a 7.43 ERA. Despite a period of effectiveness from 2006-2008, Maine has struggled to stay healthy in recent years, and has been ineffective when he's made it back on the field. Maine considered retirement after leaving Colorado, but seems to have decided to give it one more shot with the Red Sox.

Max St. Pierre, aside from having an excellent name, is a veteran of some 15 minor league seasons, only reaching the majors 2010 for all of nine plate appearances with the tigers. A 31-year-old catcher, St. Pierre actually had a decent season in the minors that year, but if he manages to stick with the team will likely only act as organizational depth should Ryan Lavarnway or Luis Exposito get called up due to injury.