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Sox Close To Dealing Scutaro To Colorado (Except They're Not)

Original Post:

According to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, the Red Sox are close to shipping Marco Scutaro to the Colorado Rockies. What would come back in return is as yet unanswered. The move could be to move salary in preparation for acquiring a pitcher, which would make sense. But, if so, one must wonder, who will play shortstop?

Then there's the haunting specter of Hanley Ramirez hanging over any Red Sox/shortstop proceedings.

Obviously there is more to come on this. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1: So, you know that whole trade Scutaro thing? Yeah, never mind.

UPDATE 2: A transcript of talks has become available:

Ben Cherington: Hello?
Dan O'Dowd: Ben? Hi. Dan O'Dowd, GM of the Rockies.
Cherington: Hi Dan. What can I do for you?
O'Dowd: I wanted to talk to you about Marco Scutaro... [beep] I'm sorry. I have call-waiting. Can you hold on for a second?
Cherington: Uh, sure.
O'Dowd: Thanks [click] Hello?
Troy Renck: Hi Dan.
O'Dowd: Hi Troy. What's up?
Renck: Not much, just thought I'd give you a call and...
O'Dowd: Sorry to cut you off, Troy, but I can't really talk right now. I'm on the other line with Ben Cherington. We're talking about Marco Scutaro.
Renck: No problem! [rushes to computer]
O'Dowd: [click] Sorry about that. So, Marco Scutaro. Is he available?
Cherington. No.
O'Dowd: OK, thanks. Bye.
Cherington: Bye.