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Bud Selig To Determine Cubs, Red Sox Compensation For Theo Epstein

Rejoice, everyone, for the end is in sight! This isn't some pro-Mayan, end of days post, but instead word from on high that the Major League Baseball's commissioner's office will determine the compensation for the Red Sox following Theo Epstein's departure.

Given how much attention hasn't been paid to the situation since Epstein left to take a role in the Cubs' front office, it's clear that the compensation isn't going to be anything earth-shattering. But it will be determined sooner than later, given that the teams themselves have put it in the hands of another. Of course, with how fast Selig's office has done things in the past -- the Athletics aren't in San Jose yet, and we still don't know if it's viable, for instance -- compensation could theoretically take even longer.

As long as no committee is formed to investigate the issue of compensation, the Red Sox and Cubs should have their answer soon. It won't be any great shakes, but at least we can never talk about it again. I admit it -- you've beaten me down, compensation issue. Show yourself the door, and never come back.