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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 20 - JONAH KERI!!

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It's that time of the week, folks. Matt and Marc are back, and this time we're seriously serious. Except, no. We are talking Red Sox and we are talking Rays with Mr. Jonah Keri of More specifically, during this the 20th Over The Monster Podcast we:

  1. Take listener emails! (send us your emails at!) As such, we're talking Jarrod Saltalamacchia. How, in our most expert of opinions, does he rate defensively and what is his future in Boston? Well, we don't actually address that last one, but it sure is a good question!
  2. Then we're talking pitcher injuries. Has the Red Sox season been deep-sixed by injuries to the starting staff? We delve into it!

  3. Then we bring on our most special of guest, Jonah Keri. Mr. Keri, formerly of Fan Graphs, Baseball Prospectus, and currently of, is the author of a great book on the Tampa Rays, The Extra 2%. So we talk some Rays, then we get into fun things like Mr. Keri's podcast, the Rays front office, and the miracle of ice hockey live. Then Matt imposes on Mr. Keri for a Food Pick of The Week and tramples on everyone's patience by doing one himself. He can now die happy.

It's a wonderful 20th Over The Monster Podcast!

You can subscribe to and/or download the podcast at iTunes and/or listen and/or download at our hosting site, Podomatic. PLEASE email us with questions, ideas, insults, compliments, complaints, cookie recipes, and pruning tips at Thanks as always to Kahoots for the music, many thanks to Jonah Keri for his time and insight, and of course thanks to you for listening.