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Total Meltdown: Andrew Miller Implodes, Red Sox Destroyed By Rangers

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It's a night best left forgotten. A 2-0 deficit after one, a 6-0 deficit after two, and by the time all was said and done, a 10-0 score with all of two hits for the Red Sox.

So what can be said? Andrew Miller was terrible in exactly the way he could not afford to be if he wanted to maintain his stock at all. He struggled with control for the entirety of his short outing, only throwing strikes when he threw meatballs like the one that ended up completely out of the park for a three-run shot in the second. His night was done shortly after that, to the relief of Sox fans everywhere.

While Francona would turn to the pen for the rest of the game, one man would provide no relief: Matt Albers. The once-lockdown seventh-inning man came up empty for what seems like the hundredth straight time Friday, giving up three runs on two homers to the Orioles in his one inning of work.

As for the Red Sox' offense, well, it was the single worst outing of their year, simply put. This was not a game where CC Sabathia came close to giving up the farm time after time, or where the Sox made big contact over and over again. This was just nine innings and two hits, with Jacoby Ellsbury even managing to get caught on the basepaths when he did reach.

Simply put, it was a terrible game with nothing to recommend it.

I suggest we all just move on.