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Embarrassed In New York

I just watched the first two innings. After that, I checked in on line periodically until it was clear the Red Sox weren't going to mount any type of comeback.

With that as the backdrop, what is there to say about this team right now? That Tampa and Anaheim both lost last night increases the chances the Sox reach the post season, so there's that. But what a mess.

The Sox sent supposed ace Jon Lester to the mound and Lester had the team in a 6-0 hole inside two innings. Part of it wasn't his fault. Marco Scutaro fielded a grounder with men on second and third and after looking to third base tried to turn and throw the ball back to second base while his momentum carried him away. His throw was fine, but it was late. There was really no way he was going to be able to make that play. About the only play Scutaro had was third base. Mike Aviles, filling in for Kevin Youkilis, was farther off the bag than he should have been, and that may have influenced Scutaro's decision. But Aviles wasn't as far off third as was the runner coming from second, so the play was there. It should have been the second out of the inning. Instead, the bases were loaded with one out.

Then Lester fell behind Jesus Montero 3-0, then gave up a hard hit to left on the 3-1 offering. A run scored. Next up was Russell "I hate the Red Sox" Martin. Martin hit a weak flare to left field. Carl Crawford took a circuitous route to the ball and then slide, but the ball glanced off what looked to be the heal of his glove. Two runs scored. Next pitch Jeter homered. Ball game.

What is there to say about this except the Sox have five more games to right their ship. Today was straight up embarrassing, but there is still much opportunity left in this season. That's enough about this game. Double header tomorrow.