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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 22 - The Positivity Episode

With just six games to go and two teams breathing down their throats, the Red Sox enter a must win period of the schedule. Today on the podcast, Chad Finn of the Boston Globe, joins Marc, Matt, and the rest of the podcast crew, including Tommy the helper monkey, Ralph the Rat, and Potty the Happy Commode of Death to dissect the nasty situation the Red Sox find themselves in.

Then, after yet another unfortunate and entirely unforeseeable potty-related death (RIP Tommy the Helper Monkey) they turn their attention to Carl Crawfordit. That's the jumping off point to look at some of the more unlikely events that have conspired to put the Sox in this unenviable situation. They also talk some John Lackey, and the pitching staff in general. Then they try to wrap things up with what has been going right for the Sox and the team's chances of success in the regular and, should they make it that far, post season.

All in all, it's a not too pessimistic 22nd episode of the Over The Monster podcast!

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