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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 19 - Do You Miss Adrian Beltre?

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It's podcast time. Marc and Matt get down and dirty without actually getting down or getting dirty with Adam Morris of Lone Star Ball. They're talk'n Red Sox and Rangers for an hour or so and this, folks, is what we in the biz refer to a a stimulating conversation. Prepare to be stimulated!

The podcast covers the following:

  • Your repressed feelings of non-sexual love for Adrian Beltre. (Matt isn't afraid to admit how he feels.)
  • The future of C.J. Wilson: Will he be in Texas (or even Boston) next season? We speculate like speculat'n is going out of style
  • The Rangers rotation: Lucky or genius or lucninus?
  • Lucnius - Not a word!
  • Who would you rather face in a short series, the Red Sox or Yankees? One word answers only, please.
  • And much much much more!!!

As always, you can subscribe to and/or download the podcast at iTunes and/or listen and/or download at our hosting site, Podomatic. You can email us with questions, ideas, insults, compliments, complaints, cookie recipes, and pruning  tips at Thanks as always to Kahoots for the music, thanks to Adam Morris for his time, and thanks to you for listening.