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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 21 - Philly Fans Full of Nothing But Love

It's not been a fun week in Red Sox Land (that is, the fun park in my head that my parents won't take me to because it's too expensive). All the rides are broken, especially the starting pitching ride. So, rather than focus on that and just end up harshing your buzz and being, like, totally negative, we thought we'd talk about actual baseball. You know, when we feel like it. To assist us in this most monumental of tasks, we've enlisted Mr. Hardball Talk himself Craig Calcaterra.

Marc Normandin, Matt Kory, and Craig Calcaterra. In another time we could've been one killer ska band, but that's really neither here nor there. We start off by discussing Craig's violent hatred of the Philly people. He has the voice of an angel, but when Philly comes up you can hear it drop several octaves, which, I believe, are musical somethings. Also, if you listen in carefully, you can hear what I'm almost certain is the repeated breaking of small Liberty Bell shaped paper weights. Ten years in Philadelphia has given me an ear for this sort of behavior if you were wondering.

Then we get to talking Red Sox a bit. I know, I know, i said we wouldn't and that was just a paragraph ago. I can't contain my lying! Fortunately it'll be over before you even notice it, especially if you take heavy sedatives around the six minute mark. Then it's on to the AL MVP, Kirk Gibson in a fairy dress, and assorted other goodies.

The end result is the 21st Over The Monster Podcast.

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