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Red Sox Call Up Felix Doubront

The first day of September has resulted in all of one call-up for the Red Sox: Felix Doubront.

The left-handed pitcher started the year with Boston, but was quickly sent down after just three outings in April. He's struggled with some injuries throughout his year, only once making as many as five starts in a month, but has shown some of his old dominance in the minors. The call-up isn't necessarily coming at the best time, however, as the southpaw has been entirely hittable in recent outings.

If nothing else, Doubront will provide a lefty arm in the pen who has the potential to be more reliable than Franklin Morales, and serve to save the rest of the pen during blowout games in either directions--specifically Alfredo Aceves, who has been misused of late due to necessity as much as anything else. The Sox have to be hoping for more, however; something more like the performances from 2010 that suggested he could be a starter either this year or next.