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Get Over The Monster On Your iPhone!

Who has iPhones? Who's tried to access OTM from said iPhone? Based on the general prevalence of said device and the thousands of views we get on our mobile home page, I'm guessing the answer is quite a few of you.

(If that doesn't apply to you and you instead scoffed a little when I mentioned the iPhone, then skip to the FAQ section!)

I know I can count myself as one of them, and I also know the mobile version of the site isn't necessarily everything it could be. So that's why this is happening:

The SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the App Store! And it's Free! Like, no money at all!

Now you can stay on top of all the latest Sox news and commentary from Over The Monster and all 300+ SB Nation blogs from your iPhone. With the SB Nation iPhone app you can:

  • Get the latest, breaking sports news as it happens
  • Customize your news with your favorite teams, sports and blogs (including OTM)
  • Get notified of updates to the stories you choose to follow on, regional sites, Baseball Nation, and MMA Nation
  • Read and reply to comments
  • Yes, that means the Game Threads for all you regulars. We miss you when you're out, so use this to stop by!
SB Nation iPhone app

Hey, look! That's us!

Here's how to get it:

Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for "SB Nation"

-- OR --

Go here and click "Download Now"

Look at that front screen and ask yourself, when's the last time you used that compass? You don't need that! Replace it with something cooler than cardinal directions, like sports!


  1. An Android version of the app is coming soon. Hopefully by the end of the year
  2. The app is free
  3. Comments are basic read-and-reply, but SB Nation has plans to enhance them in future updates
  4. You can use your existing SB Nation user name and password to log in to the app
  5. Did Steve Jobs resign because he knew this app was coming? Yes, because he knew this was the final step to making the iPhone perfect. His work was done.

Any questions, feedback, comments? E-mail