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They're Back: 13-2 Beatdown Puts Sox On Top Of East

Welcome back David Ortiz, who collected two hits in his first appearance in ten days.

Welcome back Jacoby Ellsbury, who showed off his versatility with a homer, two singles, a stolen base, and another terrific grab in center.

Welcome back Carl Crawford, who may finally be making his return since disappearing when he left Tampa.

Welcome back Adrian Gonzalez' power, which has given us three long balls in two days.

Welcome back Boston offense,  which hopefully won't go anywhere anytime soon.

The Sox destroyed the Rangers tonight, with three homers (Crawford, Ellsbury, Gonzalez) and 16 hits. It was about the only way that they could one-up their performance from Tuesday night. They scored early, picking up four runs in the first, and often, adding to their total in seven different innings.

If there was any problem to be found with their performance, it came on the mound. Josh Beckett had some trouble putting batters away, which sounds like a ridiculous thing to say on a night when he gave up just six baserunners and one run in six innings, but that was the case. He could have easily gone seven or eight were it not for a few ridiculously long battles. The other issue was Matt Albers, who is offering the Sox no reason to trust him, allowing another run in the eighth on two hits and a walk. A DL stint might be in his future.

The mystique is gone from the Texas Rangers, and neither the Sox nor their fans have any reason to fear them anymore. Not that they'll necessarily have to face them--at least not in the ALDS, now that the Sox have sole possession of first back from the Yankees.

Thanks, Coco!