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Red Sox Offense Disappears Again, Drops Series to Rays


I think that perfectly encapsulates the game. But since SBN won't let me post a one-word game recap, my thoughts on the game: 

Grumble grumble weak-hitting offense stymied by Rays pitching leading to three hits or fewer in three straight games for the first time in thirty-seven seasons.

FAIL offense that can't score Jacoby Ellsbury from third with no outs in the fourth inning.

DFA Darnell McDonald who can't keep Johnny Damon from scoring in the first inning.

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DFA Carl Crawford who can't seem to hit his way out of a paper bag, let alone to an OPS that justifies making as much per game as I make in a year.

DFA commenter Tal for suggesting I throw myself off the Monster.

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DISLIKE Rays pitching that needed only one reliever for a single inning in a three-game series.

DISLIKE squandering scoring chances by hitting into a double play to end the first inning.

Lackey? Erm.  Yeah. Okay. Not so cromulent, but not exactly FAILtastic, either. Rather meh on the whole. Technically a quality start, but still, eh.

DISLIKE no offense. Need more runs. Lots more runs.

On to Kansas City? Who knows, maybe the Sox will find their offense again.

In the meantime, MEH.