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Red Sox Draft Signings: Barnes, Betts, Swihart And Owens Wrap Up Big Draft For Boston

It's a wrap folks: the Sox are walking away from the 2011 MLB draft with everyone but seventh-round signability pick Senquez Golson

As per usual, the news for most of the big guns came in after the deadline had actually passed. At the very least their first pick in Matt Barnes was entirely likely to sign--as a college junior and first-round pick, he wasn't terribly likely to improve his stock much by returning--but the rest weren't exactly sure things.

The best news easily comes in the form of Texas highschool catcher Blake Swihart. It was entirely unclear whether or not Swihart would sign with Boston, having declined an invitation to their annual game in Fenway for draftees. But, with the deadline in the rear-view mirror, it was announced that the high-offense, switch-hitting receiver had inked a deal worth $2.5 million.

The only loss in the first ten rounds came when it was announced that Senquez Golson would not be signing with the Sox, instead heading to Ole Miss to play football. The Sox weren't stingy with their offer, but Golson was more interested in football, and seemed rather committed to attending college. 

With the money freed up by Golson, the Sox instead targeted fifth-rounder Markus "Mookie" Betts, a middle-infielder with fast feet and a quick bat.

All-in-all, the Sox signed twelve of their first thirteen draft picks for nearly $10 million, including four players who garnered seven-digit bonuses.

It's a good day's work.