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Red Sox Draft Signings: Jackie Bradley Jr. Joins Current Signees

UPDATE: And now we've got a supplemental first rounder in Jackie Bradley Jr. The outfielder has signed for a $1.1 million bonus per John Manuel of Baseball America, and quickly becomes the best player signed by the Sox so far.

UPDATE: It's been the slowest of goings so far this deadline day, but the Sox have inked their second player of the day in Cody Kukuk according to Kansas broadcaster Alex Gold and, apparently, Kukuk's Facebook.

Less than two hours to go. Floodgates opening, please? Callis adds that his bonus is worth $800,000.


The Red Sox have come to terms with fourth round pick Noe Ramirez, locking up their first signing on draft deadline day only five hours before it comes to a close. Jim Callis reports that the deal is worth $625,000 -- well over the slot value of a fourth rounder.

Ramirez, a 22-year-old right-handed pitcher out of Cal State Fullerton doesn't throw particularly hard, but has a high floor and seems likely to contribute in some respect down the line.

This wasn't one of the Sox' hardest signs--Ramirez was a Junior in college who would be headed into a no-leverage situation if he were to hold out for another year, and seemed quite pleased to be drafted when the news came back in June. But it's a good starting point, and with the whole scene across the majors being relatively quiet, you can expect more to start coming in as the night progresses.