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Daily Links - Happy Signing Day Edition

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For all of you out there in readerland who wondered, yes, my adult league team lost its playoff game in extra innings. Thank you for all your emails and well wishes. I thought I'd take a second to address a few of you specifically. Bob in Denver: no I'm coping well, but the wound will heal, man. Larry in Portsmouth, there is no way that was a strike. Just no way. Christina in Philadelphia: no, I'm pretty certain my mother would never do that. Also that's disgusting.

Link time!

It's signing day, everyone. According to Baseball America, it should be a crazy one. I hope you're celebrating appropriately. I, myself, am neither celebrating appropriately nor celebrating at all. But then I've been informed by my two year old son that my crotch is made of poop. So. Yeah. That. More to the point, the Red Sox are going to have to get moving if they want to bring some new blood into the fold. Sons of Sam Horn have a nice graphic listing all the players the Sox took in the most recent draft, where they are from, and what their signing status is. Refer to it often.

For a short time it was thought that eighth round pick Senquez Golson would prefer to play college football for Olde Miss than to make millions by signing to play pro baseball. That may not in fact be the case. According to Alex Speier who is probably on the flight, Golson is flying to Boston today. That could be in preparation to sign a deal if in fact one can be worked out. Golson is what scouts would call a tools guy. He's strong, fast, and when he hits the ball, he hits it hard. But, as Mr. Speier's article points out, he doesn't really have an approach, which is a nice way to say he doesn't have a plan and thus swings at everything. But the tools are there and obviously the Sox and other teams believe those tools can become something otherwise they wouldn't have wasted a draft pick, not to mention the boatloads of dough they're offering him.

In less promising news, Tim Wakefield just can't seem to get over that two hundredth hump. Which is odd when you think about it, considering the offense he's pitching in front of. If he gets a few more shots at it things should go his way.

Is Dustin Pedroia's contract as weird as he is? That's a question for the ages and thus can't be answered. Dustin Pedoia's contract though contains some odd salary escalators, escalators that a few months ago nobody thought would be possible to reach. Now, well let's put it this way, this season could cost the Red Sox some Scrooge McDuck money if things break right.'s Rob Bradford has the story.

Because I know how much all of you in readerland love hearing about the Yankees, here's Baseball Analytics' David Pinto on C.C. Sabathia and his troubles with the Red Sox. Is there something specific about the Red Sox that really gets C.C.'s goat? I'm guessing it's a combination of good hitting and less than stellar pitching. But then that conclusion doesn't incorporate heat maps.

This one isn't Red Sox related so some of you may just want to skip it. However, it's interesting and it is about baseball and, more specifically, the biomechanics of pitching. In a sense it could be about all baseball which includes the Red Sox. So no more rocks through my windows, OK?

Finally, from the pages of the Wall Street Journal comes the story of a bullpen catcher who will ingest just about anything for a price.