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One Act Played: Inspired By True Events!

Dustin Pedroia's most recent pranking of David Ortiz made me wonder what would happen if Pedroia decided to go all out?

Don Orsillo: ... strike three called on the outside corner. Two down and that brings up David Ortiz

Jerry Remy: That's right, Don. Looked like a slider to Pedroia who must have been looking fastball there on 2-2. Don, I just noticed Pedroia who usually is not happy with striking out to say the least, is standing on the top step and laughing.

Orsillo: That is odd. Here's Big Papi who is 0-1 today against Hernandez...

Remy: I see why Petey is laughing, Don.

Orsillo: Why?

Remy: It looks like Ortiz is wearing a big sign taped on his back that claims he did something unspeakable on a family broadcast to Hernandez's mother.

Orsillo: *giggling* Ortiz stands in... *giggling*

Remy: I wonder if Hernandez has seen the sign...

Orsillo: The first pitch to Ortiz... Flies right at his head!

Remy: I guess he saw the sign, Don.

Orsillo: Ortiz isn't happy with that pitch. He's gesturing to Hernandez who is yelling back at Ortiz.

Remy: Think Ortiz wasn't happy with the placement of that pitch up and in, Don.

Orsillo: He's going to be even angrier when he sees the sign taped to his shirt... Now Ortiz is walking towards Hernandez and.. what's he doing?

Remy: He can't drop his bat, Don. Like it's been glued to his hand.

Orsillo: [explodes laughing]

Remy: He can't get his helmet off either, Don, it won't come off. Stuck to his head. Ortiz can't get his helmet off or drop the bat, Hernandez is screaming at him, presumably because of the note, and now it looks like he has another note taped to his arm. This one says the same thing as the one on the front, but about Hernandez's father.

Orsillo: [gasping for air]

Remy: [circling everything on telestrator] This has got to be embarrassing for Ortiz.

Orsillo: [falls off chair]