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Daily Links - The Human Element Edition

Edwin "E5" Encarnacion was thrown out at home plate to end Tuesday night's game, and give the Red Sox a 3-2 win over the Blue Jays. Except, he wasn't. Jason Varitek missed the tag and Encarnacion got his foot in. Tough way to win a ball game.

Link time!

After DFA'ing him a few days ago, the Red Sox successfully dealt the decaying remnants of what used to be Mike Cameron to the Florida Marlins for something so valuable it is only known as 'not Mike Cameron.' Cameron will have a chance to play regularly for the Fish mostly because of the putrid Cameron-esque line put up by their parade of so-called center fielders. The irony that the Marlins are replacing a horrific group of center fielders with a center fielder who's line has actually been worse isn't lost on RJ Anderson at Baseball Prospectus. He isn't optimistic that Cameron will be much of a boost to the Marlins hopes of sucking less, but on the other hand... Make sense now? The Sox will likely receive cash in return. As usual, they'll probably just blow it all on house plants.'s Alex Speier detais the poor track record that Red Sox GM Theo Epstein has with larger free agent dealss during his tenure in Boston. In fairness, I wouldn't be shocked to see a similar league-wide history to larger free agent signings, but the Red Sox under Epstein have not done particularly well. Mike Cameron's $15.5 million was a total waste (though it was at least partially if not more-so due to injury) and John Lackey's $85.5 million deal is not looking much better.

We, collectively as baseball fans, are getting down to the trade deadline. The trading season doesn't look to be a particularly intense one, but stranger things have happened. The Red Sox should be able to acquire some help, probably a right handed outfielder and, depending on what is available and at what cost, possibly a reliever as well or instead. GM Theo Epstein spoke to NESN's Peter Gammons about what the Red Sox expect to do during this, the trading season.

Now a few quickies:

The People's McCourt.

Beyond the Boxscore has power rankings. They're numbered 'n everything!

Should Adrian Gonzalez be leading the AL MVP race?'s Cliff Corcoran argues no, but puts him there anyway. Let Mr. Cliff explain.

The Astros are in a tough spot. You can line up to play the world's smallest violin for them here.

Finally, the power of the Citgo sign which hovers over Boston's Kenmore Square is, in the words of Globe writer Sebastian Smee, drugs the mind. Is it art? Maybe.