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Daily Links - Moment For Creativity Lost Edition

"I am Dan Wheeler." 
"Yes! I feel the force deep within you."
"I am Dan Wheeler." "Yes! I feel the force deep within you."

As of this writing we just finished recording the 14th episode of the Over The Monster Podcast. It should be up shortly. This week we're featuring Dave Brown of's Big League Stew. Definitely take a listen because I think this is our best work yet.

Link time!

Yesterday in this space we discussed the missed call by home plate umpire Jerry Meals that ended the Pirates/Braves game in favor of the Braves. Today there's been some back lash in the other direction. This piece by Rob Neyer makes it clear that Neyer isn't so sure that Lugo wasn't safe. I appreciate Neyer's ability to be uncertain, something which has in my opinion made him a great baseball writer, but in this case I believe it's misplaced. Normally I might be more uncertain about going against Mr. Neyer but I've got a bit of backup on my side. Joe Posnanski is also pretty certain Lugo was out and out by a good length.

The fine folks at Baseball Prospectus have listed their 17 favorite mid-season trades. Not included: ham sandwich for tuna salad, '87 Ford Fiesta for $8.12, and Jay Leno for Conan O'Brien for Jay Leno and $400 million.

I've never been a huge Joe Torre fan. This won't help.

The Common Man is on board with Jarrod Saltalamacchia so the Common Man is on board with me. In a post titled 9 Things I Learned Today, Mr. Common Man says not only shouldn't Russell Martin have been an All Star, but Salty should have been in his place. Now go and read everything The Common Man has ever written.

Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts has highlights from the most recent SABR convention including some audio clips. Yummy.

Finally, peaking of analysts, The Yankee Analysts collectively wonder what has become of their former top prospect, Jesus Montero. The Replacement Level Yankees Weblog wonder what has become of the analysts of The Yankee Analysts. Every story has two sides, even if you're on the same side to begin with.