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Daily Links - You Don't EVER Walk Jeff Francoeur

NFL free agency starts today so... uh... yeah. Does anyone care anymore?

Link time!

You want power rankings? We got power rankings. Fan Graphs has their power rankings out featuring a first place Boston Red Sox team, and Craig Calcaterra, after taking a week off (What? You have something else to do, Craig?), puts the Red Sox in a tie with the Phillies in the Hardball Talk power rankings. Beyond the Boxscore has the Red Sox in first place in their power rankings as well. So it's virutally unanimous. Smart people say the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. And then Boston goes out and loses to the Royals in 14 innings. But even after last night's poopfest, there isn't much doubt about the two best teams in the different leagues. The Phillies lost last night too, if that makes you feel any better. Even though they don't figure as prominently in the rankings, the Yankees are not to be overlooked. But, really, how long can super animatronic Bartolo Colon and Freddy "I used to be Freddy Garcia" Garcia hold out?

The Pinstriped Bible's Steven Goldman wonders if the Yankees really need to trade for anyone this during this the trading deadline season. I'd argue their starting rotation is held together with old chewing gum and snot, so if they can get a pitcher who is A) healthy and B) semi-reliable, they will. I don't know who calls the shots in the Bronx but whomever it is will make at least one trade before the 31st if for no other reason than making a trade shows the fans that they want to win. Because having a $200 million payroll is just sending mixed signals.

The always reliable Jon Heyman gives us the lowdown on the trade deadline for each team. He sees the Red Sox looking for outfield help, maybe a front line starting pitcher, and some lefty relief.

Also at, Cliff Corcoran looks at some of the big name prospects who might be on the move before the month is out. He has three Yankees prospects on the list and one Red Sox in Ryan Kalish. Kalish has been excellent when healthy but has suffered some broken bones and is currently dealing with a shoulder injury that has kept him out most of the season. As we've discussed here at OTM, Kalish is a valuable chip and in most organizations would likely be ticketed for the big leagues as soon as he overcomes his injury. But this isn't just any organization, it's the Red Sox who have Carl Crawford signed for another seven seasons. Because the Red Sox insist on being all "conventional" and playing "only three" outfielders, they only have room for one of Kalish and Reddick. if things stay as they are now and Reddick is in right with Ellsbury is in center then there's no room for Kalish. Of course that last sentence is hardly written in stone.

Finally, some sad news. Dave Cameron, sabermetrician extraordinaire, is quite sick. Dave is one of the most thought provoking writers on the internets these days and I look forward having my thoughts provoked by him for decades to come. Go get 'em, Dave.