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Daily Links - The Residual Anger Edition

You can't stop Dustin Pedroia, or in fact, contain him.
You can't stop Dustin Pedroia, or in fact, contain him.

Orioles fans changed, "Lets! Go! O's!" a bit too virulently in the first inning of last night's game. Some residual anger over the fight and the results of the previous series?

Link time!

SBN's own Rob Neyer has quite the interesting piece about being suspended by ESPN way back in 2000. While ESPN does serve a purpose in our sporting world, I can't and won't claim to be a fan of theirs. One line from Mr. Neyer's article sticks out and helps to illustrate the point. 

Elias was a business partner of ESPN's, and when you work at ESPN (or anywhere else) you are highly discouraged from slapping your business partners.

I know this is true, but you would hope that a place as large as ESPN with their fingers in just about every pie imaginable would understand that some fair criticism from within is necessary to keeps everyone honest. Also, I have this thing about muzzling writers. I hate it.

Colby Rasmus? Discuss.

A little bit of hope for Clay Buchholz. Hopefully so, as the Red Sox are really going to need him before the year is out.

The Red Sox are doing something which no other major league baseball team has done before, or at least in a long while. They are blatantly infringing on another team's sovereign territory. Sort of. You see, the Sox are going to open a Red Sox camp, which sounds like a great idea and, honestly, why would another team care about that? Because the camp is in Washington DC. You may have heard at some point in your travels around these here internets about a team they call the Nationals. This possibly fictional team is said to play baseball, the very same sport the Red Sox play, in Washington DC. If you squint really hard you can see the conflict. The really strange part of this story is that the guy who is running the camp for the Red Sox? Nats fan.

This is just kind of sad.

Guess who has taken over the top spot in the Fan Graphs power rankings? Screen grab it while you can! For the record, the Orioles whom I may have called the worst team in the American League are, according to Fan Graphs, the third worst team in the American League. I apologize to the City of Baltimore, the Orioles franchise, and of course Baltimore fans everywhere.

Tim McCarver is just... just... whew.

Finally, want to know which Red Sox player you are? The Boston Globe has a quiz to help you find out the answer to this question which has surely* kept you up at night and is quite possibly ruining your marriage. A tip of the ol' top hat to Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk for this one. In case you're wondering, I'm Doug Mirabelli.

*Stop calling me "Shirley!"