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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 12 - There's Still Beer There

Welcome to the twelfth edition of the Over The Monster podcast, your favorite podcast featuring the worlds "Over" and "Monster" and "the" in it. Yay!

This week we discuss the trade deadline, Ryan Lavarnway and the Tampa Bay Rays with Steve Slowinski of DRays Bay and Fan Graphs. Steve was nice enough to join us from the wilds of some place called Connecticut. I understand it's a rest stop in between Massachusetts and New York.

As always, you can find us on iTunes or listen to or download it directly right here. If you have comments or suggestions please drop us a line in the comments. Let us know what you think.

One final note, I'm derelict in my duties but the music is by the band Kahoots who, it should be mentioned, are from Martha's Vineyard, MA and are big Sox fans. Thanks to them for letting us use their fine music on the podcast.