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Daily Links - The Hey Philly, Shut Up About JD Drew Edition

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When you move across the country and then after a year and a half you drag your lame ass back, but with grandchildren, well, this is called not having any free time. My head is spinning. I feel like I've had eighteen beers but without any of the nice affects of said action(s).

Link time!

The Red Sox finally pulled one out in Philly but before the game they had to cut one of the nicest guys in baseball in Mike Cameron. Cameron, as just about everyone knew, wasn't cutting it either offensively or defensively and the determination was made to use his roster spot elsewhere. I don't usually promote other OTM articles in this space, bu in this case one of the best articles about it came from our own Marc Normandin. So you know, read it.

Some more nice words about Cameron came from the Globe's Peter Abraham who called Cameron one of the five nicest people he's met in baseball.

Pinstriped Bible's Steven Goldman is still arguing with his readership about Derek Jeter. Delicious.

It's All-Star time again, folks, so here are a some All Star Ballots and some justifications for your reading pleasure. The first ballot comes from the Providence Journal's Brian MacPherson, who has two Red Sox in his starting lineup. My only quarrel is his selection of Alex Rodriguez at third base, but that's just an objection based on nausea. The second comes from's Joe Lemire, who includes several Red Sox among his finalists.

Hey everyone! Jim Riggleman is a dope! I know it's true because I read it on the internet.

For you minor league fiends of which I count myself among your hoards, Alex Speier is at it again. The newest edition of the Minor Details Podcast is out and about on the waves of electrons we call the interwebs. If you're not familiar, Mr. Speier does a great job getting guests and being informative.

This brings up a podcast related point. There will be no OTM Podcast this week due to illness. We'll be back next week, same scheduled mid-week time, with more Red Sox coverage spiced with hilarity and my high pitched laugh. Be sure to listen in.

Finally, it is so past time for Philly fans to let the whole J.D. Drew thing go. It was fifteen years ago, to be exact, when Drew snubbed a then mess of a franchise. The truth, if any of the fans who booed Drew so heartily over the past three games would care to know it, is they would have likely done the same thing. To go back a decade and a half, Drew set a price pre-draft and said don't pick me if you won't give me what I want. The Phils picked Drew and then low-balled him. Just about all the drunken idiots who stood and rained boos down on Drew would have, if given the choice, made the exact same decision. But more importantly, it was fifteen years ago. It's well past time to move on with your lives, people. Jeez.