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Win a Fenway Park DVD Box Set for Father's Day

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Six discs, six games, and two Yankee beat downs
Six discs, six games, and two Yankee beat downs

Still thinking about a gift for Father's Day? We may be able to make things easier on you, as A&E Home Entertainment has come out with a DVD box set to commemorate 100 years of Fenway Park--and we have a few of them to give away to you, our readers.

Boston Red Sox: Essential Games of Fenway Park is a six-disc collection that covers six different significant games from Fenway's long and storied history. Want to watch the Red Sox force a four-way tie in 1967 over and over again, courtesy of Yaz's 44th homer? Or maybe you want to remember the good old days of Roger Clemens, before he had on the pinstripes, and watch him strike out 20 hitters in 1986. Or, maybe you don't want to remember the old Clemens, and you just want to watch the Red Sox and Pedro Martinez crush him at Fenway in the 1999 ALCS. If any of that is appealing, then this next paragraph will be of interest to you.

We can't just give these things away to you--you will need to earn it. We want to hear about your most precious and favorite memory of Fenway Park that involved your father--Father's Day is coming up, after all. It doesn't have to be something super serious--maybe your dad was double-fisting beer and spilled it on Mr. T after being struck by an errant foul ball--but we want to hear it from you.

Send your submissions via email by June 13 to with the subject "Father's Day Memories at OTM", as this thread will be reposted, and we don't want to miss out on anyone's submission. We will select three lucky winners based on how much we love them, whether that is because they made us laugh or made us cry. Well, made the sensitive one amongst us cry anyway. I don't want to name names.

If you want to read more about the box set from A&E Home Entertainment itself, then hit the jump and read on.

Boston Red Sox: Essential Games of Fenway Park

Since its opening on April 20, 1912, generations upon generations of fans have flocked to this baseball sanctuary to experience the magic of Fenway Park, and the essence of baseball. From its renowned Green MonsterTM, single-level seating, and hand-operated scoreboard, to its neighborhood setting, and timeline of history-making moments, Fenway Park is unique, beloved and bedazzling. Fenway Park speaks Boston. Fenway Park glows with baseball.

This six-game, 6-DVD collection spans five decades of promise, heart-ache, jubilation, and Boston baseball, and salutes the legends that defined these moments which are etched in Red Sox history. Each game of this treasured set was selected by the Red Sox Nation® itself, and the six remarkable games in this set are nothing short of spectacular.


*DISC 1: Sept. 30, 1967 Regular Season vs Minnesota Twins®-Carl Yastrzemski hit his 44th home run as the Sox tied for the lead in a four-team American League® pennant race.
*DISC 2: 1975 World Series® Game 6 vs the Cincinnati Reds®-This see-saw battle of the Titans ended with Carlton Fisk and his 12th inning game-ending home run.
*DISC 3: Apr. 29, 1986 Regular Season vs Seattle Mariners®-23-year-old Roger Clemens set the Major League record with 20 strikeouts in this hallmark game.
*DISC 4: 1999 Major League Baseball All-Star Game® and MLB All-Century Team celebration-Fenway Park was selected to house the final Mid-Summer Classic of the 20th Century and the festivities riveted the world.
*DISC 5: 1999 American League Championship® Series Game 3 vs New York Yankees-Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez shutdown the vaunted Yankees and former Boston pitcher Roger Clemens with 12 strikeouts over 7 innings.
*DISC 6: Apr. 22, 2007 Regular Season vs New York Yankees®-Boston dispensed with its archrival Yankees in large part thanks to four consecutive home runs.