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MLB 2011 Draft: Markus Betts Selected at #172 by Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox have selected shortstop Markus Betts out of John Overton High School in Tennessee with their fifth-round pick.

Betts, nicknamed "Mookie" (a nickname I will use as long as his career allows), was also MVP of Tennessee's 12AAA All-District squad in basketball, and may be the top bowler in the entire draft class--he averaged a 221.17 last year to qualify for his state's tournament. He is committed to Tennessee as of now, but as with any of these picks, Boston's wallet can do a lot of talking.

How is he as a baseball player? He went #172 overall, and John Manuel stated that he just missed the top 200. He also gives the Red Sox their first infielder of the draft, and an athletic one at that, given his multi-sport ability. You never know with players selected in the draft, especially after the first few rounds, but this seems like a solid bet on a quality athlete who may turn into a baseball player.