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2011 MLB Draft: Jackie Bradley Selected at #40 by Boston Red Sox

With their final pick of the sandwich round, the Boston Red Sox have selected Jackie Bradley, making him the 40th pick in the 2011 MLB draft.

He was considered a mid-first rounder earlier this spring after hitting .340/.430/.537 and .368/.473/.587 in his first two years at South Carolina, but fell to the Red Sox at #40 after hitting just .259/.361/.468 this year (though he did deal with injuries). This is the kind of player the Red Sox love to grab in the sandwich round, as their stock has fallen, but they get a (potentially) serious first round talent to add to their system. They did it with Anthony Ranaudo last year, and Sox fans can only hope Bradley rebounds in much the same way (except, you know, with his bat).

The 21-year-old Bradley is just 5-foot-10, but he has some pop despite this. He is projected to be an above-average defensive player with a good bat--hard to complain about that at #40, especially if he rebounds from a down year.

For video of Bradley--who is apparently nicknamed "Black Mamba"--we present this, courtesy of