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MLB 2011 Draft Open Thread

2011 MLB draft
2011 MLB draft

Boston has four picks tonight between the first round and the first sandwich round, meaning we have plenty to dream on the next four hours as we wait for the draft to get going at 7 pm eastern tonight. 

The mock drafts aren't much help in figuring out who is coming to Boston. Baseball America says Sonny Gray, a right-hander from Vanderbilt, will be the Sox first pick at #19, with Austin Hedges, a high school catcher out of California will be their pick at #26. Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus says #19 will be first baseman C.J. Cron out of Utah, and backstop Blake Swihart will go at #26. Alex Speier discusses how Alex Meyer may be drafted for the second time--presumably with the #19 pick, as he may not last until 26--and John Sickels has Meyer going at #19 as well, but with outfielder Brandon Nimmo coming to Boston with the 26th pick. 

That's a slew of names, especially when you consider someone like Josh Bell could even go at #19 if the Sox think Meyer will still be around. We'll just have to wait and see, but that won't stop us from making guesses all night.

Who should Boston be selecting with their four picks? Is there anyone they definitely should not pick? Discuss all that here, and both Ben Buchanan and I will have analysis of the actual picks soon after they happen tonight.