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David Ortiz To Captain American League Home Run Derby Squad

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The MLB has announced that David Ortiz will lead the American League squad in the 2011 Home Run Derby. For the first time ever, the contestants will not only be competing against one another in the usual Home Run Derby format, but also for their league.

Each team captain will be allowed to choose the remaining three members of his squad. Should his team win, the charity of his choice will receive $150,000. The losing captain's charity will receive $25,000.

Ortiz is the obvious choice. Not only does he currently hold the title after slugging 32 total homers, but with 68 all-time he comes in second only to Ken Griffey Jr. Griffey had 70, so it seems unlikely that Papi will be in second for very much longer. He will be opposed by Prince Fielder, named head of the National League team.

It's not clear whether or not Ortiz can bring along other players from his team--say, Adrian Gonzalez. Since 2005, though, the Home Run Derby has only featured one player from any given team.