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Daily Links - The Speedy Edition

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One of the downsides to watching a game at the bar is having a disproportionate ratio of available time to beer consumed when you come home.

Link time!

We're gonna do this all fast like.

1. Baseball is apparently not excited about the possibility of Joe West throwing out players during the All Star game. I know this because Joe West was not one of the umpires named to work the All Star game. Also, you're ejected.

2. The Fat One will return to the mound for New York, an event whose production may be offset by the return of another less fat though possibly comparably rotund-in-the-ego Yankee. Someone quick, grab

3. Is the next great Red Sox reliever in Pawtucket right now? Maybe, but Kyle Weiland is there too. Just maybe there's some cross over there. In any case, the dude is pitching like he's throwing against lineups composted of me post-four beers. (note: i.e effective) He may have a role in Boston before the 2011 season is complete.

4. Peter Abraham of the Globe wrote something fair and supportive of John Lackey. I... I... um... [head explodes]

5. Finally, if you're a fan of the movie Major League, Rob Iracane from Major League Stew has ten things you should know about the movie, its filming, casting, and so on. Unmentioned: Charlie Sheen doesn't mention winning once through the whole thing. Shockingly irritating, much like Sheen himself.