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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 10 - Church Brew Works Might Be Upset

It's that time of week again, folks. The time when Matt and Marc call each other on Skype and intrude on some poor person's spare time to discuss the Red Sox and the Sox' upcoming weekend opponent. We do this with Rocco DeMaro of Rocco DeMaro's Life of Leisure Podcast and formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates pre and post game shows. It's a rock'n 10th anniversary episode of the Over The Monster Podcast!

Audio and hilariously framed information after the jump!

The podcast covers the following topics in various amounts of detail:

  • Adrian Gonzalez: Outfielder extraordinaire? 
  • Andrew Miller Experiment: Episode 2 upcoming: Should We Be frightened?
  • Anthony Rizzo: We Love His Smile
  • Carl Crawford: Does His Injury Hurt (The Sox)?

Then we bring on Mr. DeMaro and we discuss the following:

  • Church Brew Works: Good? We conclude we don't know.
  • The Pirates Front Office: Not actively making Pittsburghers cry!
  • Meat Bread: It's Not Meat Bread!
  • Pirates Pitching: Good? (Uh... No?)
  • Andrew McCutchen: Good? (Yes)

You can also find the podcast at iTunes or you can listen to or download it directly here. Thanks for listening.