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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 9

Andrew Miller's mustache listens to the Over The Monster Podcast.
Andrew Miller's mustache listens to the Over The Monster Podcast.

You know those crazy friends of yours, the ones who hide in the bushes, throw dead fish at your dad when he heads out the door to work, moon you through the living room window while you're trying to watch the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and won't shut up about baseball? That's Matt and Marc. (Note to lawyers: joking!) This week we talked baseball for an hour and a half with Jack Moore of Disciples of Uecker and Fan Graphs. There was much rejoicing. Audio after the jump...

In this, the 9th episode, Matt and Marc talk lots of important things. Like nuclear proliferation. Except, no, they talk Red Sox. They start off with Andrew Miller, what he's been doing, and what he could do for the Red Sox when he comes up. They touch on John Lackey's return from the DL and Ryan Lavarnway's promotion to AAA before bringing on Jack Moore from Disciples of Uecker and Fan Graphs to talk beer and brats and occasionally Padres. Er, uh, we mean Brewers.

Basically, they talk all manner of Brewers and Red Sox while branching into hilarity occasionally when the stuff gets too serious. It's a serious, enlightening, hilarious, and seriously enlighteningly hilarious episode of the Over The Monster Podcast.

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