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Morning Sox Stuffers 5/9/2011: Hazing Jose Iglesias

The man takes one hell of a picture. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
The man takes one hell of a picture. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Back In Boston

Matsuzaka cautious with elbow before settling in -- Tim Britton, Providence Journal

Four runs aside, two of the first-inning hits were pretty garbage. Daisuke's start really wasn't as bad as it seemed to be while watching it.

Why John Lackey was sitting in the Red Sox bullpen -- Rob Bradford

Because they were hoping he'd stay there?

Iglesias says call up 'came as a shock' -- Sam Dykstra, WEEI

One shining moment ... and Iglesias had no glove -- Gordon Edes, ESPN

It's a good thing that Scutaro and Iglesias get along, 'cause that's just cruel.

It Would Have Been Navarro -- Dan Hoard, Heard It From Hoard

Not sure where the idea that it's Navarro's plate discipline that's just now developing, but yeah, it might have been more interesting to see how Yamaiaco does against major leaguers than to watch the sure thing that is Jose's glove.

Possible discipline still pending for Francona -- Gordon Edes, ESPN

No word yet on what discipline will be give to two of the worst umpires in the league for years of poor job performance and showboating.

Crawford's diary: Slump 'really hard to deal with' -- Carl Crawford, ESPN

Carl Crawford continues his campaign for "most rooted for" Red Sox.

The makings of an elite-hitting shortstop -- Brian MacPherson, Providence Journal

Interviewing Kolbrin Vitek -- Jon Rish, WEEI


Around The AL East

Yankees 12, Rangers 5 -- Yankees2, Pinstripe Alley

Rays 5, Orioles 3 -- Erik Hahmann, DRaysBay

Tigers 5, Blue Jays 2 -- Kurt Mensching, Bless You Boys


MLB In General

Pitches Saved Since 1988, Or Greg Maddux Is A Wizard -- Jacob Peterson, Beyond the Box Score