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Welcoming Red Sox Beacon To Over The Monster

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon, and welcome to what should by now be the new Over The Monster, complete with new logo.

OK, so pretty much only with new logo.

We are happy to announce that Over The Monster has been merged with Red Sox Beacon. Site founder Marc Normandin will be joining me as co-manager, bringing along Beacon co-founder Patrick Sullivan as well as contributors Matthew Kory and Ryan Beale.

Marc has spent time with pretty much every sporting news outlet you can think of except The Sporting News. This includes SB Nation, as he is the original founder of Beyond The Box Score, which everyone should be reading regularly. Most recently, he was spending his time over at Baseball Prospectus, helping people to do better at Fantasy Baseball than myself. 

Generally speaking, Over The Monster will be the same as always. I've been reassured that Marc will refrain from playing power politics and mass-bannings, unless of course he really wants to.

The upside of all this is that we'll be able to bring you not only the usual stuff with greater consistency, but also more, better content, including newsanalysis, and general inanity. Also, I will not die of sleep deprivation. I have been told that this is a good thing.

Marc will be introducing himself later today, so I'll leave the rest up to him. For now, please join me in welcoming your new overlord.