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Morning Sox Stuffers 5/3/2011: Back To Baseball, Where Dustin Pedroia Is Awesome

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We now resume our regularly scheduled linkage.

Back In Boston

On Pedroia's Most Awesome Of At Bats -- Scott Lauber, Boston Herald

Clay Buchholz Gets Ground Balls, Wins -- Brian MacPherson, Providence Journal

Jacoby Ellsbury Day-To-Day With Bruised Knee -- Alex Speier, WEEI

As much as we love to rag on him for bad breaks and the like, Ellsbury has really been the sparkplug we want him to be over the last few weeks. It'd be best if we didn't have to do without.

Bobby Jenks Finds Answers. Maybe. -- Maureen Mullen, CSNNE

I'll believe it when I see it.

Scott Downs intrigued by Red Sox before signing with Angels -- Brian MacPherson, Providence Journal

Nuggetpalooza: In which up is down, down is up, etc. -- Gary Marbry, WEEI

The Red Sox win when they lose, and lose when they win. Ergo we are 15-13. That's how that works, right?

Carl Crawford's time to rise in Boston Red Sox order has come -- Gordon Edes, ESPN Boston

Maybe we're jumping the gun a tad...

As Wakefield nears the end, remembering his beginning -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Around The AL East

Yankees 5, Tigers 3 -- Travis G, Pinstripe Alley

Hughes' circulatory tests negative -- Alden Gonzalez,

Kevin Millwood opts out after New York Yankees don't call him up -- Andrew Marchand, ESPN

Tampa Bay Rays Looking At Unprecedented Draft Haul -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation

White Sox 6, Orioles 2 -- Stacey, Camden Chat

Wherein Stacey understands our pain.

Lawrie may be Jays-ready -- Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun

Is Jose Bautista Currently Baseball's Best Earthly Hitter? -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation

MLB In General

Roger McDowell Suspended For Two Weeks -- Grant Brisbee, Baseball Nation

I don't so much mind that he was being inappropriate on the field. That's just not being mindful of your surroundings. But what McDowell did when the paying fan with his children asked him to stop deserves a lot more than two weeks off in my mind.

The Worst Hitters With Long Hitting Streaks In Major League History -- Jeff Sullivan, Baseball Nation