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Sunday Night's Red Sox Game To Be Broadcast On NESN

Good news from the NESN broadcast just now, where Don Orsillo announced that ESPN has allowed the second half of Sunday's double header will be aired on NESN.

Good on ESPN for doing not only the right thing, but the smart thing here. It's hard to see any benefit for them if the Sox don't air tonight. Angry Boston fans aren't going to be tuning in to Sunday Night Baseball, and while typically the sort of grassroots boycotts that result from this sort of thing aren't terribly impactful, there was certainly nothing to really be gained.

Some explanations were thrown around, mostly surrounding ESPN being perfectly justified given that they had spent their money on exclusivity. But when there's nothing really to be gained by holding out, it's best to recognize a sunk cost for what it is. 

Praise to NESN for doing the necessary leg work, and to ESPN for allowing the game to be aired. Weather permitting, we will be watching Beckett - Verlander tonight.