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Jerry Remy Returns To Broadcasting Booth, Scott Atchison Returns...To Pick Something Up

UPDATE: Apparently, Atchison just had to pick something up. Moving on then.

We've got one piece of good news, and one piece of curious news.

On the good side of things, Jerry Remy is in Fenway, ready to get back into the booth next to Don Orsillo. While it's always fun to have Eck around, making NESN higher-ups wince, it'll be good to hear Remy's voice again after a bout with Pneumonia.

On the curious side, we have the sudden presence of Scott Atchison in the Boston clubhouse. None of the various beats have any information on what has brought him to the Park just yet, but presumably a move is in the works. The Red Sox bullpen has been fairly effective in recent days, but neither Tim Wakefield nor Hideki Okajima have seen much action of late. As the local Taxi squad guy, Atchison could also just be up for the day if something is changing in the rotation.

Oh, and while all this is going on, Fenway is being drenched by the rains that have kept Boston and the surrounding areas damp all weekend. We'll find out if there's going to be baseball tonight and who exactly is on the team in the next few hours.