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Manny Ramirez Retires After Testing Positive For Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Manny Ramirez has officially retired from Major League Baseball after being informed of an "issue" involving Major League Baseball's drug prevention policy. Jayson Stark confirms the conclusion that everyone jumped to: Ramirez failed another steroid test.

Ramirez is, unquestionably, a Hall of Fame worthy player and one of the best Red Sox of all time based on statistics alone. A career .312/.411/.585 batting line with 555 home runs, 1831 RBI, and a 154 OPS+ puts him in rare company indeed. But it's hard to imagine a less dignified way to go out then this.

Now not only will Manny be known as, at best, a clubhouse problem with his constant antics, trade demands, and occasional assaults on team personnel, but the steroid issue will loom about as heavily over his head as for any player. As Stark points out, Manny is the first player to ever be caught twice for legitimate steroids. Baseball has lost not only one of its best players, but in a way, one of its best legacies as well.