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Alfredo Aceves Expected To Replace DL-Bound Matt Albers

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The Sox are 0-6, headed into a series against the Yankees. You think it can't get any worse. Then the injuries start.

Alfredo Aceves was a late scratch for tonight's Paw Sox game, prompting speculation that he was being called up to replace either an injured or released member of the Red Sox bullpen. Now, Dan Roche of WBZ is reporting that it is in fact an injury, and that Matt Albers is the man headed to the disabled list. 

Not to cast aspersions on Mr. Roche, but given that a few reports in recent weeks (again, from others, not Roche) have turned out to be wrong, and this hasn't been picked up by other sources, it's perhaps best to wait and see with this one.

(Update: Multiple sources now confirm the story)

There weren't any apparent problems with Matt Albers in his two outings so far this season. He did allow two walks in just two innings, but struck out three batters in the process, and didn't give up any runs. There's no word yet on what, exactly, has prompted the move.

Aceves, 28, has been stretching out to work as a starter for the depth, but will now find himself in the Boston bullpen. Given how short the outings of some of the Sox' starters have been so far, this may prove an all-too-valuable ability.

Scott Atchison, meanwhile, in his emergency start for Pawtucket, pitched 4.2 innings of one run ball, collecting eight strikeouts. Why can't we do that?