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Mini Morning Sox Stuffers 4/29/2011: Draft Edition

Apparently, the NFL draft is a pretty big deal. So big that, while the rest of the world does somehow spin madly on, it's not necessarily paid much attention to. And so less is produced to be paid attention to.

I guess what I'm getting at is that there's not a lot of links to go around. After all, why publish your magnum opus on the possible effect of David Ortiz' eyedrops on Carl Crawford when it will be overshadowed by some guy named Christian Ponder?

But here's what we do have:

David Ortiz knows a bad April when he sees one. He also know how quickly they can turn around, which is one reason Carl Crawford has his full support. Also of note: Kevin Youkilis' injury from last night was entirely minor, and he expects to play tonight.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia had a big, angry, clutch hit last night. Which is definitely a story in and of itself.

Adrian Gonzalez says it's not his shoulder, but his swing that's keeping him from producing like the monster he is. The good news is that, based on recent events, it seems to be on the way back.

The Rays did pretty well against the Twins. Twice. 

Of course, the Yankees won by a bunch too.

The Jays weren't quite as convincing, but sure enough, another victory.

Only the Orioles didn't take home a win. But you already knew that.