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Morning Sox Stuffers 4/28/2011: What Went Wrong In Baltimore?

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Back In Boston

Pedroia on Lee's popup: 'Has to be caught' -- Gordon Edes, ESPN

Edes seems to suggest that maybe Pedroia thinks this one was Ells' fault, but given where the ball ended up relative to Pedroia, I'm not so sure. It is, definitely, one that needs to be caught, however.

Beckett on Scott: Things even out -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Waiting for the Gonzo Show: Slugger's power projections reconsidered -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Youkilis confident in Boston's offense -- Ian Browne,

Bard's tale: Bad location, crossed-up catcher -- Gordon Edes, ESPN

One of the more rarely mentioned stories so far this year is the struggle Daniel Bard seems to be going through. Of course, his peripherals are just fine, but still.

The hits (by pitches) keep on coming for Kevin Youkilis -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Given the risk of injury, I'm not sure I wouldn't rather Youkilis be avoiding this record. But if he's gotta crowd the plate, he's gotta crowd the plate.

Around The AL East

The view from the other side -- Stacey, Camden Chat

Yankees 3, White Sox 1 -- 3460Kuri, Pinstripe Alley

It's not a good thing that Bartolo Colon is locking down opposing lineups.

Can Rafael Soriano hack it? We'll find out soon enough -- Danhanzus, Pinstripe Alley

Blue Jays 6, Rangers 7 -- Tom Dakers Bluebird Banter

Jose Bautista Making Believers Of Us All -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation

Rays 8, Twins 2 -- CBJones, DRaysBay


MLB In General

Frank McCourt Defiant At Press Conference -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation

April Standings Mean More Than You Might Think -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation