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Unacceptable Losses: Beckett Puts Sox Behind Early, Bard Wastes Comeback

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On Tuesday, the Sox lost a game with a even-to-unfavorable pitching matchup giving up sacrifice flies and, while they struggled some at the plate, it just wasn't a game that left a bad taste behind.

On Wednesday, Josh Beckett gave up home runs--back to back to Luke Scott and Adam Jones in the fourth--Jason Varitek struggled behind the plate, and Daniel Bard allowed three straight singles to give up the go-ahead run after the Red Sox had finally fought all the way back.

It was one that hurt.

Also of note was Tim Bogar sending David Ortiz home on a Jed Lowrie single to shallow right in the fourth. It did not work.

If there is good to be found for the Red Sox it is this: Beckett looked kind of like you would expect a good pitcher to look on an off day, picking up four strikeouts without walking anyone, really just running into trouble with a few bad pitches. It was not the sort of start which would lead a fan to write off his incredible start, even with four earned in three innings.

There is also the fact that Jacoby Ellsbury's slap hitting continued to produce results, Adrian Gonzalez had some well hit balls, and Kevin Youkilis went deep to bring the Sox back from a 4-1 deficit in the eighth, providing a bright shining moment between the terrible beginning and ending.

Still, some perspective: these are just two games, and only one of them a major upset. In the course of a season, this just wouldn't be a big deal. It's only because the 2-10 start is in front of the period of greater than .700 ball this team has been playing that it seems so egregious a loss.

It's Lester vs. Bergesen tomorrow. Another game, another good shot at a win.