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Morning Sox Stuffers 4/26/2011: Jon Lester Blogs, Ryan Kalish Hopes

Back In Boston

Jon Lester Blogs

Sullivan Tires seems to have locked Jon Lester into some sort of blogging arrangement. 

Red Sox Starters On Historic Run -- Tim Britton, Providence Journal

Nuggetpalooza Dissects The Streak -- Gary Marbry, WEEI

For those who truly love their esoteric/trivial statistics.

Jonathan Papelbon’s alter ego frightening(ly effective) -- John Tomase, Boston Herald

Drew would play the straight man in this bit.

Going places? Sox top pitching prospect Anthony Ranaudo is making his case -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Of note for Ranaudo: his stats don't do him justice, if all the reports of hard-breaking curves being incorrectly called balls are true. It's always nice when one of the biggest knocks against you is that you've got a pitch that's too good for minor league umps.

Where things stand with Ryan Kalish -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Ryan Kalish Hopes To Be Back In One Month -- Dan Hoard, Heard It From Hoard

All hope is not lost, but color me skeptical that this is really at all likely to work out as Kalish hopes.

If Orlando Cabrera never leaves, Jed Lowrie never arrives -- Brian MacPherson, Providence Journal

Catcher Exposito getting up to speed -- Mike Andrews (SoxProspects), ESPN 

Call him up! Call anyone up! Give me Dan Butler, or give me death!

Around the AL East

White Sox 2, Yankees 0 - Brandon C, Pinstripe Alley

Phil Hughes' Rehab Hits Snag -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation

Book Details Derek Jeter's and Alex Rodriguez's Frosty Relationship -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation

Gotta love some good ol' fashioned Yankees muckraking. 

Blue Jays 6, Rangers 4 -- Tom Dakers, Bluebird Banter

Is Jose Bautista the Best Hitter in the AL? -- Dave Cameron, FanGraphs Baseball


MLB In General

Los Angeles Dodgers' Trustee Will Be Tom Schieffer -- Jeff Sullivan, Baseball Nation