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Daniel Bard Goes Viral Eight Months Later

If we here at Over The Monster have a favorite pitch, it's probably this one:


Now, we've been all over this one since it happened back in August last year. Yesterday, though, thanks to this tweet from the A's Brandon McCarthy to Brett Anderson, Bard has gone viral. 

Over at Tom Tango's site, they're trying to determine if there's been anything quite like it before. Also of note is the comment that suggests that the Pitch FX system in Yankee Stadium was actually running slow during that period, suggesting Bard may have indeed thrown what looks like a 100 MPH reverse slider. 

Meanwhile, at Fangraphs, they are equally interested in what exactly we should call this pitch? We've done fine just sticking with "that pitch" or something equally vague for the past few months, but I'm a fan of "Hepatitis K" personally.