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Morning Sox Stuffers 4/20/2011: Red Sox Streak Snapped, But For The Wrong Reason?

Let the controversy begin!

Back In Boston

Confusion Looms Over Obstruction Call -- Scott Lauber, Boston Herald

The plot thickens, as the umpiring crew says that Ellsbury wasn't called out on interference, but was legitimately caught at second base.

Francona: Sox Playing Varitek As Salty Tries To "Earn Stripes" -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Let's stop beating around the bush here: Salty isn't cutting it, and neither will Jason Varitek in the long term. The Sox are in need of a new catcher, not an old one.

Carl Crawford Featured In E:60 - Running Man -- ESPN

Lowrie Is No Longer Sold Short -- Chad Finn, Boston Gloe

Kyle Weiland Follows The Words of Warren Spahn -- Dan Hoard, Heard It From Hoard

Around The AL East

Jays 6, Yankees 5 -- Hugo, Bluebird Banter

Jays Activate Frank Francisco, Send Jesse Litsch to Vegas -- Tom Dakers, Bluebird Banter

I like to read this as "the Red Sox knocked Jesse Litsch out of the majors," but that seems a bit conceited. 

Yankees 5, Blue Jays 6 (The View From The Other Side) -- 3460Kuri, Pinstripe Alley

Orioles 11, Twins 0 -- Stacey, Camden Chat

Taking pitches and walks in the AL East -- Stacey, Camden Chat

If there's one thing the Red Sox have no problem at all with, it's taking walks.

Rays 2, White Sox 1 -- KenWo4Life, South Side Sox

The Legend of Sam Fuld Shall Never Die -- Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation


MLB In General

Angels' Brandon Wood Designated For Assignment -- Grant Brisbee Baseball Nation

The mighty, falling, etc.

King Felix Not On The Trading Block -- Geoff Baker, Seattle Times