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Is A Four-Game Sweep Of The Toronto Blue Jays A Must?

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After Wednesday's postponement against the Rays, the Boston Red Sox currently own the worst record in all of baseball at 2-9 and sit at the bottom of the A.L. East standings, something that we all thought they would be leading by now.

The talk of panic certainly has come up around OTM and will not go away until the Red Sox, well start winning some games! Many can place the blame on certain guys such as Daisuke Matsuzaka and Carl Crawford for the team struggling, but these two guys are just two of 25 members of currently the worst team in baseball (according to their record).

As a part of the team's homestand at Fenway Park, the Red Sox will be welcoming the Toronto Blue Jays to town tomorrow as the two will be playing a crucial four-game series that spans into Monday.

While people such as myself have refrained from pushing that panic button just yet, I think it is vital that the team at least start winning some games against teams they can normally handle, such as the Blue Jays to name an example.

The question that is raised is whether or not this weekend's series against Toronto is what will spark a possible end to this 2-9 slump.

If the Red Sox can sweep the Jays, than Boston will be sitting with a 6-9 record while the Jays will be sitting with a 6-10 record, beneath the Red Sox in the A.L. East standings this situation. Certainly a good start from getting out of the hole.

Manager Terry Francona will be sending out Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, and Daisuke Matsuzaka to try and maybe pull off a sweep to end the homestand. Lester and Beckett have been the best pitchers in the rotation to this point, with Buchholz being the third on that list.

While I would almost rather perfer John Lackey to Dice-K, Matsuzaka is a career 6-1 against the Blue Jays so maybe he can get something going against them.

The first place Baltimore Orioles (never gonna say that again) have lost four in a row and appear to becoming the old, losing Orioles we have all come to adore as Red Sox fans. The Orioles will be battling the A.L. Central leading Indians (I'm on a roll) at Progressive Field which could certainly be viewed as a test for this Baltimore squad early on. Remember, the Indians did sweep the Red Sox.

The Yankees meanwhile will be doing battle with the Texas Rangers, who own the best record in all of baseball. Even though they will be without Josh Hamilton, the Rangers will still give the Yankees a good battle this weekend.

Do the Sox need to sweep the Jays? I don't think they do, but they certainly have a good opportunity to maybe take three of four to make up some ground and end this miserable drought.