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Morning Sox Stuffers 4/14/2011: No Spahn, No Sain, Just Praying For Rain

'We need a rainout' -- Peter Abraham, Boston Globe

And the comparisons to inept movie teams continue...But in this case, it makes some sense. The Sox don't need just one win now, they need to rattle a few off. Not only does this postponement mean the Red Sox will get a great shot at building some momentum behind the combination of Clay Buchholz, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester, but it gives them two full days to try and get themselves together.

Lackey skips turn, will pitch in Oakland -- Kirk Minihane, WEEI

Terry Francona claims that it's all about rest, but for Red Sox fans, we're just happy to dodge another Lackey start.

David Ortiz & Co. ‘worried’ about poor start - Scott Lauber, Boston Herald

Carl Crawford Adds His Thoughts on Twitter

Just wanted to check in and let every1 know that while we definitely didn't think we'd be in this position right now...

...but since we are we just got to do what we have to do to get back on top

There's a lot of guys in here that really care about what's going on and we understand what kind of team we have.

We know it's going to be an uphill early in the season battle but guys are up 4 the challenge.

Carl Crawford Believes Routine Will End His Slump -- Alex Speier, WEEI

Peter Gammons: Red Sox 'Shocked' -- Jerry Spar, WEEI

Francona trying to work Lowrie into lineup -- Evan Drellich,

It's not a hard thing to do, Terry. You just take the shortstop position, and write "Lowrie" next to it every day.


Around The AL East

Yankees 7, Orioles 4 -- Yankees2, Pinstripe Alley

And From The Other Side -- Stacey, Camden Chat

Old-school Buck Showalter teaching Orioles some new tricks -- Bob Klapisch,

How far into the season do we get before we start taking the O's seriously? Opinions?

Blue Jays 8, Mariners 3 -- Johnny G, Bluebird Banter

Deep Thoughts: Sam Fuld Edition -- Erik Hahmann & Brad Woodrum, DRaysBay

He earned the ire of Red Sox fans with diving grabs and a perfectly placed tapper that may have won the Rays a game. What do the guys down in Tampa think of him?


MLB In General

Barry Bonds found guilty of obstruction of justice, mistrial on others -- ESPN

Now we can all get back to our lives. Or we can talk about this for the next two weeks. Whichever works for the talking heads.