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If Dice-K Continues To Struggle, Red Sox Could Call On Old Friend Pedro Martinez

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On Monday night, the Boston Red Sox faced the Tampa Bay Rays to begin a three-game series after taking two of three from the New York Yankees, looking for some extra momentum. They didn't get that on Monday night, all because of one person many Red Sox fans have grown to despise: Daisuke Matsuzaka.

After coming off a solid outing against Cleveland, Daisuke tanked as he gave up seven runs on eight hits in only two innings of work. Daisuke had a typical Daisuke day though as he basically thew batting practice fastballs to the a slumping Rays offense, who made the Red Sox look like the Royals (not this years Royals).

While many fans such as myself have refrained from pushing the big red panic button, I couldn't resist pushing the smaller one that said "Dice-K Is Done" after Monday's performance. While I'm more skeptical than anyone on his trade value or Theo's ability to just cut ties with him, something needs to happen.

The only problem in the instance is that the Red Sox just don't have a guy that could fill that spot in the rotation.

One could argue that a guy like Alfredo Aceves, who has a great track record as a pitcher could be converted into a starter, as the Red Sox have attempted to do over the past month. I propose a better option that hardly anyone is talking about: former Red Sox pitcher and three-time Cy Young Award winner Pedro Martinez.

In a recent interview, Martinez told the New York Times that he is preparing to make yet another comeback after taking last year off. Pedro reiterated that it would take him about a month to get in game shape if a team came calling. In that interview, Martinez was asked which teams he would prefer to return to the league with:

"I’d probably have to say the Red Sox. I would like to win a World Series in the National League, so the Phillies are in there, too. But for the time I’m going to be playing, I think Boston is more suitable so that I can retire with the Boston Red Sox and go to the Hall of Fame with the same hat."

Pedro attempted his first comeback with the Phillies back in 2009 when he went 5-1 with a 3.86 ERA in the second half of the season. Martinez served as the Phillies' fifth starter and pitched in the World Series, losing at the hands of the New York Yankees.

If Daisuke continues to stuggle, the Red Sox might look at Martinez as a potential replacement for this season. This certainly makes sense to me if he is able to get himself back in his 2009 form and can assume the role as the number five starter in the Red Sox rotation.

Not only would his presence on the field make a difference, but his personality in the dugout could certainly lift the spirits of this team.

While every Red Sox fan knows Pedro's best years are behind him, they still were there to witness them and they know that Pedro has one more year left in him. I believe it would be a great story for Martinez to return and help the Red Sox win a World Series, where he can offcially walk into the Hall of Fame, with two World Series rings to his name, and a big "B" on his cap.